Saturday, December 25, 2010

A Wii Christmas Eve

The boys crashed on our way to Lori and Don's house.  I can't resist a picture of these two sleeping.  

Well, you wouldn't know it for the lack of photos I have, but this year we had a Wii Christmas Eve.  Dave got each of our families a Wii, so after opening gifts we spent the rest of the evening playing the Wii.  Well, mostly the kids and guys played the Wii while Lori and I tried to escape the gaming chaos to have a normal conversation HAHA!

This year we did the Gumdrop Tree (after forgetting about it last year!).  What a difference 2 years makes... the kids had this tree decorated in like 5 minutes!

(Okay, these uber grainy pictures were taken with my camcorder.  Definitely not going to be using that for pictures much anymore.  Ick!)

Hilarious.... I was looking back on pictures and look what Porter was wearing Christmas Eve 2008?! HAHA!

Hudson cracked me up all night... he knew where the snacks and goodies were and decided to help himself all night.  At any given moment he could be found with a cookie or some kind of candy/sweets in his hand.  Pretty much all day he had chocolate on his face.  His trademark, I suppose.