Thursday, January 20, 2011

Feeling a slight nervous wreck

Tomorrow Porter is riding in the car for the first time in his seatbelt/booster.  Yes.  You heard me... all of you who know what a car seat freak I am.

Well, Porter's seat (the Nautilus) is really hard to undo the crotch clip.  And my grandma takes him to school two days a week and can't un-clip it (Porter informed me last week he'd been riding to school in just his flimsy chest clip EEEEK).  I weighed my options with purchasing ANOTHER car seat that has an easier clip for my grandma to unbuckle or just letting him buckle in his Nautilus.  I decided he'd be a bazillion times safer buckled with the seatbelt in his Nautilus than with just the chest clip, and that the small amount of time he will ride in the booster would be silly to invest in another car seat.

The other day I took him out to the van and showed him how to buckle himself in and how to make sure the belt is on his lap and that its tight and that it never ever goes under his arm, always over his shoulder.   But, it still is making me a nervous wreck.  Even though it will only be two one-way trips a week, through town, I still hate the thought of my baby in just a seatbelt and not tight and secure in his harness!  (he's already talking about growing up to be big and drive.  I told him to forget about it... that he can't drive until he's 32.  He hasn't caught on that I'm not 32 yet and *I* drive HAHA!)

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