Friday, January 28, 2011

What a Good Friday!

We were all up pretty early for our day off, but that's okay.  I got a little cleaning done.  The boys played together SO well pretty much ALL morning!  We never turned the tv on. They built a fort under the coffee table, played race cars in the basement, made beds on the floor in Hudson's room and did a Valentine's craft for Ryan.  Love these kids... and days like today make me wish I could be a SAHM (if only days like today were a normal occurrence!)

Ryan came home for lunch and brought us Arby's.  The boys laid down for "rest" a little earlier than (our) normal... we read a book together and then while they did "book walks" by themselves in bed I started a fire downstairs and read Eat, Pray, Love on the couch listening to the crackling fire.

Now I'm just about ready to get them up (well, Porter is up already... he rests for an hour) and head to my hair appointment.  I'm chopping it back off!

Happy Friday, All!

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