Sunday, February 20, 2011

Like Mother, Like Son..

Tonight while I was decorating Porter's very green birthday cake, I turned around to find this on the island.  Yes, Hudson ditched cleaning the play room after he found the beaters with frosting on them!  There isn't a doubt in my mind he inherited my sweet tooth.  More than that, notice the use of his toes to hold onto the beater?  He was cracking himself up while Ryan and I just chuckled at him.  This little guy sure makes me happy... and keeps me on my toes!


  1. So so cute!! And we stayed in town tonight so I should be able to bring Lukas over for a bit, weather permitting. What time?

  2. Oh my goodness Nicole, these shots are priceless. That little boy of yours is so adorable!

  3. bwaahaa - hilarious! love the toe holder thing he has going on! where did you get his pj's? i love them!