Wednesday, February 23, 2011

This life rocks because...

  • A healthy, active birthday boy today!
  • Hearing "You're the best, Mom!" melts my heart
  • A great friend who braves (and is totally not phased by) the chaos with (for!) me
  • A sweet email from CK that made my day a million times brighter than it already was.
  • No School for Presidents Day!
  • Yummy homemade cake
  • A little boy who always gives me a big kiss and hug and reminds me to "Drive Safely" when I leave home
  • A husband who adjust his schedule for me
  • Great therapy sessions
  • Naps
  • Connecting and chatting with a long distant blog friend
  • Leaving the house chaos and mommy-tantrum free
  • Amazing sitters who care for my boys while I work
  • (more to come later... its only lunchtime!)

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