Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Hap Hap Happenings

I hope this doesn't continue to become a pattern in my blogging.... stockpiling daily happenings for the week and then cramming them all into one post.  This week it will have to do, but I'm going to try to make myself blog more often rather than one lump post.

This past week has been full of exciting events both big and little.

  • My mom was here to visit for 10 days.  I love when she comes to visit.  So do the boys!  I love having her home and nearby and being able to see her in person.  And the boys love love love spending time with her.  We were all sad to see her go but we will be seeing her SOON for 10 days oceanfront at Holden Beach, NC!

    The boys and I got to spend a lot of one-on-one time with my mom on my Fridays off and on the weekend.  I love that my Friday "Mommy and Boys" day turns into "Mommy and Boys and Grandma" day (or Grammie as Porter has taken to calling my mom HAHA!)

    Some highlights of her visit were:
    -Lunch at the Jaxon Pizza Factory, then Gramer's Chocolates.... just like old times!
    -Trying to rearrange the living room and move our ancient 853lb tv

    -Watching movies with Mom after the kids are in bed... and falling asleep 10 minutes in!
    -Multiple trips to the Apple store
    -Sunny afternoon walk at Cascades with the boys

  • Porter had his Awana Grand Prix Car Race.  If you're not familiar with Awana, it is a weekly children's ministry program for kids from preschool through high school (I believe?).  I went to Awana as a child and although as a teen I rebelled against going, I have lots of great memories there!  I think one of my favorites was the Grand Prix Race.... creating your own little race car from a block of wood and racing against the other kids' cars.  I remember my dad sanding and painting and helping me make it.  Cubbies (the class Porter is in) doesn't make their own cars but they bring in HotWheels.  They had a great time racing their cars and all of the kids were great sports about it.  Next year Porter will be in Sparks and Hudson will be in Cubbies.  I'm looking forward to a 2 hour chunk of time each Sunday for Ryan and I to maybe sneak off for dinner at Los Tres Amigos down the road from Awana!  :)

    If you haven't heard of Awana and want more information check out their website and search for an Awana near you!

  • I finally switched over from PC to Mac.  I love the change so far... there have been numerous quirks and oddities that I'm still getting used to but for the most part it seems to have a much smoother workflow for me.  I don't foresee going back to PC anytime in the near.  I'm loving my Mac!
  • This past weekend we did a lot of deep cleaning for spring.  Okay, not a LOT, but some.  I washed all of the downstairs windows.... like REALLY washed them inside and out and all the crevices.  Yuck.  They look so nice though!

  • Porter has been reading a lot lately.  I brought home some early reader books from school and he's been doing SO well with tackling words.  We've been working on using different strategies to figure out harder words, but he's also built up a good little base of sight words he can read.  I'm so proud of him! His favorite book is Dan Ran, which he's already pretty much memorized.  He still gets a little frustrated at times but I think he's finding out that reading and spelling words and sounding them out is fun and is often trying to spell and write words down.  He brought me the word "BEG" the other day and said "Mom, I wrote "BIG!"  Close... close!  He also wrote "cat" and I found some papers in his room with a string of letters on them.  He told me the "word" starting with H was Heaven and the "word" staring with C was Cadence.  I love finding these little treasures laying around!

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