Thursday, March 17, 2011

Kindergarten Round-Up

Last night I took Porter to Kindergarten Round-Up.  It wasn't as big of a production as I had thought... we basically went to the library and filled out an enrollment form, walked through a couple classrooms and then Porter had ice cream in the gym.  One kindergarten teacher did get down and talk to Porter and she was really nice. 

Up until a few weeks ago I was so undecided (and I still do feel a little bit undecided) about where Porter would attend Kindergarten (or any following grade of school).  Since working at Bean I have always assumed, figured, planned if you will... that the boys would go to Western.  However, we fell in love with our house and our house is not in Western Schools.  Its practically as far across town as you could get.  And I'm not sure I'd love the idea of driving him across town for every after-school activity that he might be involved in as well as going to friends' houses etc.  

So, after talking to a few different people about our in-district school I decided it'd be in our best interest to just keep him in district.  I know Ryan and I are very involved in his school work and academic progress so I think he'll do great regardless of what school he's in.  I was pretty impressed with the technology that MC Schools have and the elementary classrooms have nice high ceilings and are nice and roomy.  I also had a chat with a friend of a friend who works there and was able to get the scoop on her teachers of choice, which will be nice to know who to request!  

I can't believe that my BABY is going to kindergarten!  That's the biggest deal about this all.... how is he old enough to go to kindergarten?  I feel like from this point on its all (time, that is) going to go downhill faster than a mudslide and pretty soon he'll be graduating and moving out.  I have to keep reminding myself to relish in the small moments and be thankful for everyday that we enjoy together.  


  1. Like you reminded me with breastfeeding, I think the thing that matters most is how involved we are as parents. Are we choosing the teachers, having dialogue with teachers, understanding content being taught and ways to enhance it at home? Are we supporting the school, etc. That makes a HUGE difference and probably the biggest one. I too have struggled with where to put Lincoln. After much consideration he's going to da Vinci. At least for now he'll be where I am, but he'll likely switch later.