Sunday, March 6, 2011

March already?

How has it been over a week since I've blogged?  It seems as though the beginning of the month is a hard time for me to blog.  Not sure what's up with that.

Two big events went on in the past week... 1) Great Wolf Lodge and 2) Ryan's 30th!

A little recap, if you will...

Great Wolf Lodge
Wednesday (the day before GWL), Ryan came home from work sick (throwing up).  By the evening he had the chills, fever, headache etc... and his dad took him into the ER.  He was diagnosed with influenza and given Tamiflu and Zofran for nausea.  I decided I was still going to take the boys to GWL (because Dave, Lori, Don and their kids were all going for the weekend).

Thursday Dave called me and said he thought we should reschedule the weekend.  Ohio was going to be hit with a Winter Storm and he was concerned with me driving.  I'm stubborn and hard headed and was adamant that we were going.  And we did.  Our drive down was fine, the weather was great and we arrived at the hotel around 8pm.  I was really bummed that Ryan wasn't with us... it was weird to be on a "family" trip without him.  However, my focus was for the boys to have a great time and enjoy the weekend at the waterpark, so I kicked my lonely, miss-my-hubby feelings aside and focused on the kids.

Friday morning Dave arrived around 10:30am.  Coughing.  And coughing.  And tired.  And achy.  Oh yes, sounding like the flu?  THE flu?  Yes.  So, he parked it on the couch in the hotel room and I spent the day solo with the boys.  We spent about an hour and a half in the waterpark in the morning, took a nap in the afternoon and went back to the waterpark for about an hour in the evening.  It was hard to please both boys in the waterpark as Hudson wanted to stick to the baby pool and Porter wanted to try the waterslides and all the splashing fun stuff.

Lori and Don got there around 6pm and we all went to dinner (minus Dave).  Porter complained of a headache. Gave him tylenol and hoped he was just tired.  We still had all day Saturday to play at the waterpark with the girls and in my mind our "fun" was just beginning as I had backup help!

Well, Saturday morning (after a night of Dave being really sick, coughing and wheezing), Porter woke up around 5:30 BURNING up, had a terrible headache and felt nauseous.  And then Hudson woke up with a bloody nose from the dry hotel room. I was defeated.  I loaded Porter up with Tylenol and managed to get him back to sleep for a bit while I packed up our hotel room.  We rolled out of there by ohhh 8am?  I was really bummed to miss our time with Lori and her family, but we were no good with Porter feeling awful.  We spent the rest of the weekend all home with fever, chills, headaches and achy bodies.  I request a do-over.  I'm on the lookout for good prices at GWL and hopefully we can treat the boys to a REAL fun weekend with all 4 of us soon!!

Ryan's 30th
I'm notorious for being a crummy birthday present and card giver... I always intend to be thoughtful but I procrastinate and things slip my mind and I just get lazy.  Well, for Ryan's 30th birthday I wanted to TRY to surprise him with a birthday dinner with some close friends and family.  I was ALMOST able to pull it off... Tuesday before "the party" I had planned to make his cakes (both chocolate... one with peanut-butter frosting and one with cookies and cream insides) while he was at class.  Well, of COURSE he would skip class that night!  I was able to go to my grandmas and make the cakes there, with an excuse that she needed help uploading pictures to order online.  I thought for sure he had me figured out.  On Wednesday we went to meet his dad at Bone Island for dinner and on the way there Porter asks "Is Oma going to Daddy's party?"  HAHAHAHA! Busted!  Well, I almost made it.  Ryan was surprised, though, and I was glad I kept it secret that long.  I am not good at hiding things from him!  We had a great dinner with family and friends and it was a perfect way to celebrate his 30th!


  1. A do-over is definitely in order!! So sorry your fun time got cut short!

  2. I would email GWL & tell them your story & see if they offer a deal or raincheck??

    Sorry to hear the weekend was cut short & P-man was sick for his own bday weekend :(