Monday, March 28, 2011

Road trippin'

For spring break we're spending a week at Holden Beach.  This year, however, we're DRIVING to the beach instead of flying.  I'm actually looking forward to it, although I know halfway into the drive I'll be banging my head wishing I had a fifth of tequila. 

Our trip this year started out as a family trip... our family, my mom and my sister with her kids.  And its turned into a conglomeration of friends and family and all!  My sister decided she couldn't make the trip, but Ryan and I are still bringing Aubri with us.  The Huff's were talking about heading to Myrtle Beach for a last minute beach trip and we told them to come stay with us because we have plenty of room at the beach house.  And THEN Ryan invited his dad to come for a few days, which has turned into the whole week.  And my mom's long time childhood friend might join us for a night as well.  It'll be a houseful but I know it'll be a lot of fun! 

We're renting this beeeautiful 5 bedroom oceanfront house with a heated pool and hot tub. I so so so can't wait!

We've never traveled with both kids, let alone with Aubri as well, for more than a 4 hour trip.  We did drive to St. Louis with Porter when he was not quite 2, and that was an 8 hour trip.   I'm trying to plan ahead and be prepared for the worst while traveling.  We purchased new car DVD players (our old ones both died) so movies will be a MUST.  I'm going to pre-prepare snacks into baggies for the kids and have water bottles with the sippy tops ready.  I have also been scouring the internet for travel games and ideas to keep us entertained along the ride.  A few great sites I've found (in case any of my readers might be road-trippin' it over spring break)
-Mom's Mini Van
-Mom's Mini Van printable games
-Family Fun Magazine's article 

Aaaand... that's about it. 

I'm so so so looking forward to a week of relaxation, lots of kids hanging out and running around on the beach, sipping some "Mommy Drinks" with K-Train, spending more time with my Mom, taking lots and lots of pictures, visiting Myrtle Beach for a day, checking out Wilmington and seeing Battleship NC and heading out one night with the Huffs for dinner and drinks!

So, my quiet readers (yes, I'm starting to wonder if I have any readers left?)... what is your best tip for car travel with kids? And also... what are your plans for spring break? 



  1. I'm sooo super jealous!! Can't wait to see all the pictures!

  2. If you are looking for a cheap lunch in Wilmington (depending on where you go in town) check out Flaming Amy's. It's one of my most missed places there! I hope you have good weather!

  3. Best tips for car travel? Don't do it! HAHA! I bet things will go smoothly!!!!! Your kids might surprise you! Just be patient and make time for LOTS of stops along the way...

    I am jealous of your beach location and hope it's warm and you have GREAT weather! Ally and I are headed to see my mom in Columbia, outside of St. Louis... we fly out Saturday and will return Wednesday. I then hope to do some fun things with both kids more locally to round out the week!

  4. A DVD player! Movies Movies Movies.

  5. Still reading! Lincoln and I play "I spy" and the alphabet game...find the letters A-Z on signs. First one to make it all the way through the alphabet wins. We also play name a place and see how many animals live there (Africa, Asia, Australia, Barnyard, Rainforest..etc). Name items in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, etc. Name as many things that start with certain letter, mental math (+0, +1, etc.) Luckily he LIKES to quiz and "try to trick us" with questions. Will's IPod also comes in handy for games and free anything like that? Car can make your own sheets and have fun lil prizes on hand. I think that's about it.

  6. I used to get so nervous when we had to drive long distances with the kids. We've done 3 long distance trips with them and they have done just fine. Our kids actually prefer to drive now! Things that have kept them busy are: Color Wonder Stow and Go, Leapster, and Tag Reader. Have fun!

  7. Can I come too? That place looks AWESOME.

    We made 3 hour trips pretty much every other weekend but have never done a long one. I'm terrified of it. Good luck!

    I don't get spring break. So I'll be going to work just like every other day.

  8. We just drove to Florida last week with a 1 and 2 year old. Our trip took 14 hours (3 and a half more than necessary), but we did it. My tips are don't bring out all of the tricks (snacks, movies, etc) too soon. Space them out so they are excited. I also packed a special bag for each child with books/toys/treats they'd never played with before. Most of it was dollar bin junk or Christmas presents I stashed away. Also, think of quiet things for the car...magnadoodle, coloring books (although crayons may get lost). Just remember the end reward is worth all the hell on the way there and back! Good luck and have a great time!

  9. How did you guys find this place? It looks amazing! Hope you have a great time.