Monday, April 4, 2011

Beach Day 2

We woke up to the smell of my mom making breakfast.... yummm!  It was chilly on the beach, but after a shower and getting dressed we all headed out to feed the gulls.  Porter and Donnie were adorable wading in the ocean letting the waves crash into them.  It wasn't long after being out there that we changed the kids into their swim trunks as they didn't care if they had clothes on or not- they were playing in the ocean and that was that! 

We ended up luring some gulls in with leftover toast from breakfast and some Cheez-Its (probably a $4 box of Cheez-Its I bet!!).  The kids got a kick out of the gulls and I don't think I ever tire of watching them catch food out of mid air. 

Mid morning Don took Donnie, Nolan and Porter to pick up fishing poles and go to the pier to fish.  Ryan went to pick his dad up at the airport and while Adrian napped at home with Katie, I took Aubri and Hudson up to the pier to meet Don and the other boys.  Everyone here is so nice and friendly and its nice to be in such a laid back atmosphere.   Of course we didn't catch anything on the pier but we chatted with a few different people that were walking the pier and the kids really liked attempting to fish.  Aubri lost a flip flop off the pier into the ocean, despite me warning her I wasn't jumping in.  She was devastated but I assured her that either we or her mom would buy her another $2 Old Navy purple flip flop LOL! 

We went back home to get some lunch and hang out at the pool.  Porter surprised me with his fearlessness in the pool.   He was jumping in and swimming all over even though the pool didn't really have a 'shallow' end the kids could touch.  Maybe this summer he'll become a swimmer!?  Early afternoon my mom's childhood friend Jane arrived to stay the night.  We all hung out at the pool while Porter and Aubri swam.  Little D watched cartoons while the rest of the Huffs took a walk on the beach.  Ryan and Dave got back from the airport and had a tour of the house and then joined us out at the pool. 

We spent the evening grilling out hamburgers and hot dogs, playing on the deck, laughing and making jokes and just enjoying relaxing together.  After the kids were in bed us adults played a hilarious game of Loaded Questions (which can be somewhat awkward when playing with parents who have been drinking all day), but none the less, a good time.  

I'm dreading the end of this trip already.... I wish it could last forever. 

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  1. Keep the posts coming. I'm living vicariously through you this spring break! :) So glad your family has this time together. BTW: We ALL yell from time to time.