Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Beach: Day 3

The highlights from our Monday:

  • The guys taking the older boys fishing on a dock on the intercoastal waterway. They didn't catch anything but had fun!
  • Mom, Aubri and I hitting up a few shops, getting some Holden Beach tees and sweatshirts and some new purple flip flops for Aubs to replace the ones she lost off the pier yesterday.
  • Laying in the sun on the beach, napping to the lulling sound of the ocean and getting burnt. And then moving up to the pool to continue sunning until we realized we REALLY were burnt
  • Don and Donnie bringing back a bowl of little crabs. This entertained Porter and Donnie for quite awhile. Then they decided to release them onto the beach.
  • We REALLY got burnt!
  • Hawaiian Chicken Kabobs on the grill and rice pilaf and salad for dinner
  • Getting hermit crabs at Wings... We welcomed Pascal and Holdens to our family last night. I'm thoroughly amused by them and spent the evening reading up about hermit crab care.

That about sums up Monday!

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