Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Beach Day 4: Tuesday

Tuesday was our rain day for the week.  We planned ahead to go to Wilmington, about half an hour away, and visit Battleship North Carolina

When we got there it was raining and very windy.  Immediately Porter acted freaked out of the GINORMOUS ship and said he wanted to leave.  We checked out a few things on deck and then headed below to begin the self guided tour.  The kids calmed down although they were a little freaked out of all the machinery and the engine room.  They did seem to really enjoy the tour, and all of us adults really liked it!  The ship was HUGE and it was amazing to think people lived this way for months on end.  I was surprised to see a surgery room, dentist room and all the "captains quarters" as opposed to the basic sailors.  Towards the end of the tour Aubri kept whining about going home, then Porter joined in and then Hudson wanted something to drink.  Somewhere around there I'd had enough as well... it was cold and windy (we were above deck at this point) and I'd had enough of the "Can we go home now?"  I think of the 3 kids, Hudson seemed to show his enjoyment for the ship the most.  I'd go back, it was a really neat part of history to explore and I was glad we were able to do the tour with Ryan's dad who was also in the Navy. 

For lunch we went to Fat Tony's.  The atmosphere was so nice here and the old downtown building was so neat and detailed inside.  Hudson, at this point, was in his "I hate" stage... nothing was to his liking, he didn't want anything, didn't like anything, hated everything, and in general was mad at the world.  Then Porter poked a hole in the side of his styrofoam cup and his lemonade came squirting out.  The waitress replaced his cup only for him to poke his fork through his second cup!  By now I was done.  I ordered up a margarita with a double shot and was good to go.  The pizza... delish!  Yuuuummm.  I'd definitely go back!

We came home and laid the kids down for a quick nap.  Afterward we spent some time at the pool, a little time at the beach and a scrounge night for dinner.  After bathtime, Ry and I took the boys for a walk down the beach and then got them into bed.  We ended the evening with some tv and computer time. 

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