Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Beach Day 5: Wednesday

Wednesday was kind of chilly so we spent most of the morning inside and in jeans/sweatshirts on the beach.  Probably not everyone's idea of beach time but to us, its the beach and we love it!  The kids did get into their swim trunks around lunchtime and tried out their boogy boards.  We put our kids down for an early nap so we could head to Myrtle Beach for the evening.

Ryan, Don and Dave spent the afternoon on the beach finding gorgeous conch shells and some other various shells.   We have a ton!

In Myrtle beach we went to the NASCAR Speedway.  The kids loved it but for the price we won't go back.  The staff was also pretty lousy.

We ate at Calabash Seafood Buffet... pricey and I know for a fact I, being a non-seafood eater, did not eat my $25 in dinner.  I also am waiting for us to all come down with food poisoning or something. I'm not a fan of buffets for some reason.

By the time we were done eating it was about 8pm and I'd reeeealllly wanted to check out the new Boardwalk and Promenade that opened in South Myrtle Beach last summer but it was chilly and no one else wanted to go.  We ended up dropping Ry, Dave and Porter off at the huge Bass Pro Shop while my mom and I took Hudson and Aubri to the Tanger Outlets.  We were only able to go into Old Navy but that's okay.  We headed back to Bass Pro Shop to pick up the guys and we spent another half hour in there.  I swear if we had one in Jackson I'd take my kids on playdates there!  They could totally hang out for hours!

After we got the kids in bed (they were out like a light!) we hopped in the hot tub for a bit.  I also convinced Ryan to walk out to the ocean with me to release 3 conchs that had snails inside.  It was cooold and windy but I felt terrible they were in a bucket with about a 1/2 inch of water. 

Only 2 more days of the beach left... we plan to hang out at this gorgeous house for the rest of the trip and swim in the pool and play on the beach! 

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