Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Private Post: Just call me grumperella

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  1. Nic- YOU ARE NOT ALONE. LET ME REPEAT...YOU ARE NOT ALONE. I can empathize with so much of what you're saying, from being sick of students who don't listen or have a thread of respect, to lack of money/bills/stupid student loans. I too long to stay home, but at the end of every summer think NO WAY!!! I wish I had mroe time for things, I feel guilty if I take the time to do my hair/make-up. How ridiculous is that?! But, I will read a few blogs everyday (yours is one) to normalize me and help keep me grounded. Clutter stresses me too, want date nights, want time for me everyday, need to work out, make sure I call my parents/grandparents, be a dutiful daughter/ up to others' expectations...Being grumpy from time to time is okay. It's important that we recognize it, process it, work through it, etc. Sending a prayer up for both of us in this funk!

  2. I feel you girl. I'm a SAHM but really shouldn't be since we are barely getting by but with Jake being visually impaired I really don't want to put him in daycare. I have student debt out the ass. It's something that haunts me at night. UGH. Someday's I feel exactly how you described in your post. Hang in there.

  3. I'm right there with you. I've been just...miserable the past couple days...rain, stress, blah blah.

    Today I tried to start my day with gratitude - before I got out of bed I came up with five things I was grateful for. And then every time I got ticked off this morning I countered it with a gratitude.

    Until this afternoon when I lost it all again. But I'm going to try again tomorrow. Because I have to keep trying. Thinking about you.