Friday, April 8, 2011

Last Day at the Beach: Friday

Friday was absolutely gorgeous... 75*, sunny and very little wind (which is so abnormal on the ocean).  We woke up and I took the boys for a short walk on the beach.  They were having issues and couldn't enjoy the walk without worrying about who was playing with what truck so we headed back.  We spent pretty much the rest of the morning on the beach playing and making sand castles.

After lunch the kids napped and my mom and I walked the beach for awhile scouring for conch shells.  We did find a few small ones but nothing like what Ryan found earlier this week.

When the kids woke we headed back out to the beach and played a bit more and then splashed in the pool. Hudson finally got into the pool and Porter attempted swimming without the darn inner tube!  We had spaghetti dinner and then got cleaned up to attempt to get a few shots of our family on the beach.   Oh boy... if my clients kids were like mine, I'd quit.  Whew they are hard work!  They always look pained and like their taking a dump... they clench their teeth in a fake smile, furrow their bros and squint their eyes.  This is their attempt to force a smile.  They don't even attempt to let me entertain them... they just throw on the fake cheese.  I hate it.  Next year I'm hoping to hire someone (ahem... Jaime Cox... ahem...) to come to the beach and do an actual session.  It makes me nervous though as I know how AWFUL my kids are to photograph.

We've spent the rest of the evening packing, cleaning and attempting to relax and enjoy our last evening here.  I'm not ready to leave, but on the other hand I'm anxious to get back home and into the groove of normal life.  It sure has been amazing to relax all week!


  1. oh a photo session with Jamie Cox would be AWESOME!! She went to the same school as my husband and actually meet her in person for a "Photo Mentor Session" SHE IS AMAZING!!! And no worries with how your boys act...SHE will have them laughing and smiling NO PROBLEM!!

  2. glad you had such a great trip. i have known jamie for what feels like forever. you would love her. i hope she can get back to her hometown and get some family pictures for me! :)