Friday, April 8, 2011

Quotable Quotes and Memorable Moments

Porter and Aubri were arguing over sharing some toys and Porter got mad and said "I'm not being your cousin anymore!"

While eating hush puppies at a seafood restaurant, Porter asks "Can I have more dog balls, please?"

Hudson: "When I'm done eating my Mac n cheese I can have a bagel. (nodding head) That sound like a good deal?"

Playing Loaded Questions:
Stinky couch
"I have woman hands" -Don
Channel 494

JoJo's never-ending birthday.

Naked 2-year-olds on the beach. In the pool. Everywhere!

Ryan getting all worked up driving back from Myrtle Beach. Mom and I cracking up.

Mom and I laying by the pool... Wrapped up in blankets like burritos.

Don and his kid-appendages. Adrian on his back and Nolan in his arms.

Hudson eating the yolk from a hard boiled egg and gagging. "Frought I's gonna frow up in da resarant!"

Hudson playing with Aubri's mermaids in the pool.

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