Saturday, April 2, 2011

Travel Day 1

Well we survived our first day of our first road trip! We didn't leave until 10:30am but that was okay because it turned out our booked hotel only had an outdoor pool. Why don't the websites specify this!?

We caravanned with the Huffs (is that what that's called?) and took turns straggling between 10 and 45 min behind eachother.

Mapquest needs to add a feature of estimated travel time with kids. We too way too many potty breaks despite forcing the 3 munchkins to all potty at the same stops. It was inevitable that one of them needed to poop or go pee AGAIN within a half hour of our last stop. I contemplated putting diapers on them all today to cut down on potty breaks haha! Yesterday our travels were 444miles and 7hrs 45min. It ended up taking us 10 hours and almost 500 miles due to a missed turn I made (or didn't make... We never figured out how we got off track).

The hotel only had double beds... 2 adults and 3 kids can't sleep comfortably in that. Hudson was a wild man. I'm not sure if it was from exhaustion or pent up energy but he was both frustrating us and cracking us up. He kept making his pillow pet kiss Ryan and saying "she loves you!". And then he randomly says "I gonna marry Addi... She my sisterrrr.". Haha! I finally made him a bed on the floor on the nasty comforter and he was out like a light. Solitary confinement was the answer.

As type right now we are in West Virginia and in a snowstorm with near zero visibility. What the heck! The mountains are beautiful. We've been amazed at the roads carved along the sides and the little valleys with houses. I haven't driven throughout the mountains since I was a teenager and Ryan never has. I forgot how beautiful it is!

Our trip today is 386miles/6hrs 33min although I bet we estimate 8 hours.

Porter is already talking nonstop. Yesterday he was driving us frigging nuts. He was either asking a question or whining or needing something. Non fricking stop. I feel bad because he spent most of the trip yesterday getting yelled at (he also seems to have the worst listening skills when we are traveling!). So glad I have a therapy appointment for the Monday after we get home. I'll need it for sure!

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  1. Hope the rest of the trip & the return trip go well:) When Isaac was younger & we traveled to FL (I think) we took his training toilet in the van & a ton of plastic grocery sacks & roll of tp. When he had to go, I would line the toilet w a bag & he would do the duty, double wrap the bag & off to the next garbage can it went. (passing through a few torrential downpours & thunderstorms, that toilet was a lifesaver in not having to get out in the rain!)

  2. Totally agree with Lina and I'm sorry I didn't suggest it beforehand. You could've borrowed our travel potty. It was such a life saver on our FL trip.

    Probably should've suggested ear plugs too. :)

    Hope you have fun and are able to enjoy yourself. Can't wait to see those pics!