Sunday, April 3, 2011

Travel Day 2 and The Beach!!

We left West Virginia in a snowstorm.  It wasn't so much a snowstorm, I suppose, as an ice/freezing rain storm.  There was some snow accumulation on the ground and the visibility wasn't so great but it didn't last long.

The first part of our drive on Saturday was great... we all enjoyed the mountains and were in awe of the fields full of cows, the old buildings, the roads carved through the sides of the mountains.  We actually made pretty good time, too.  However, as he was the day before, Porter could NOT be quiet for a second.  He talked through EVERYTHING.  At one point Aubri said "Porter, I want to watch the movie."  And Porter says  "Me too" and then Aubri says "Well, be quiet then!"  HAHA! 

We tried switching Porter and Hudson's spots in the van (Porter and Aubri were in the way back and Hudson was in one of the middle captain's chairs.  That quieted Porter down some but then Hudson wouldn't shut up!  It must be something about that seat, or my kids are really excited to ride in the way back or something.

By the last 2 hours I was losing it.  All I wanted was some peace and quiet for just a little bit.  I attempted to try to sleep to get away from the endless chatter but that didn't help.  I'm totally embarrassed to admit that I lost it... I screamed and said things I really regret saying but on a positve note, it shut them up!  Hudson and Aubri fell asleep not long after my meltdown and Porter stayed quiet the rest of the trip.  And then the last half hour I realized I had the wrong ending address (I had Ocean HIGHWAY not Ocean BOULEVARD... grrr!) and was afraid it'd mean hours longer in the car with my children.  In my attempt to hand Hudson a cookie I hit my knee on the latch bar in my seat and it hurt like hell... and I began crying and then just bawling because I just wanted out of the car and away from my children!  I know, ridiculous. Mommy melting down.  Turns out we were only a couple miles off track and we made it to the beach house.

OHHH the beach house.  Now, last year we had pretty great digs... 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms... an open living area to the kitchen and dining room... a huge deck.  Well, this house we're in right now... Oh my, so much nicer than the pictures.  This is like literally a luxury home.  5 bedrooms, 4.5 baths, huge kitchen with laundry/pantry off of it... beautiful living room and dining area... game area upstairs with pool table, couch and tv.  The bathrooms are enormous and gorgeous and so high class.  The bedroom we're in is HUGE... I bet a good 18ft by 18ft with a king sized bed.  There in an elevator here... that goes from the driveway level up through the first and second levels of the home.  It has two gorgeous decks and a heated pool and a hot tub and an outdoor enclosed hot/cold water shower.  We were all amazed at how... amazing this house is!!  I don't want to leave!! 

We took the kids to the beach and it was such a precious sight to see them just run with excitement and joy.  The were free little spirits and it was a sight for sore eyes.  Hudson even laid down and was just rolling in the sand!  HAHA!  Katie, my mom and I went grocery shopping and spent a whopping $453!  We had two carts full of groceries for 6 adults and 6 kids for an entire week.  The grocery store down here was SO darn expensive though!  It was ridiculous.  I cringed everytime we added pricey things to the cart thinking "OMG at home a cucumber is 3/$2 and here they are $1.50 EACH!"

We ordered pizza for dinner adn then got the kids into bed.  They were whooped and out like a light.  Then us adults had some adult drinks and hopped in the hot tub.  OOOH that was so nice!  The day ended on a great note despite some really dark moments.  And how could it not be great... we're at the BEACH for a WEEK!!!

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