Thursday, June 16, 2011

1.Age: 29
2.Bed size: queen
3.Chore you hate:  Cleaning bathrooms
4.Dogs:  Ramsey and Duncan
5.Essential start to your day: Hmm... shower maybe? 
6.Favorite color: green
7.Gold or silver: silver

8.Height: 5’ 3"

9.Instruments that you can play: none

10.Job title: Mom, wife, teacher, photographer, grad student
11.Kids:  Porter (5) and Hudson (3)
12.Live: Michigan
13.Mom’s name: Laura
14.Nicknames: Nic, Nicki-B, Nickiola,
15.Overnight hospital stays: When the boys were both born, and one night a few days after P was born for my migraine.
16.Pet peeve:
17.Quote from a movie:
18.Righty or lefty: Righty

19.Sibling: Two - Heather and Cameron.  And a SIL and BIL (Lori and Don)
20.Time you wake up:  Around 7... although Hudson likes to get up at 6:30 but Porter has been sleeping in a little lately. 
21.Underwear:  Yes
22.Vegetables you dislike:  Celery
23.What makes you run late:  my kids and procrastination
24.X-rays:  Yeah ususally when I get a sinus infection... my doctor is a little overzealous
25.Yummy food you make: Manicotti
26.Zoo favorite animal:  Giraffe

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