Tuesday, June 7, 2011

2 more days.... 2 more days....

I officially have 2 more days of school left and I'll be singing "SCHOOOOLS OUT FOR SUMMMMAHHH!"    Today was miserable.... 95* and humid.  Did I mention no a/c in our school?  Tomorrow is supposed to be worse.  I'll be praying the day goes by quickly.  We can't even have the windows open because it just sucks in the hot, humid air.  UGH.

Monday I dreaded getting up.  Actually, I slept in as long as I could, didn't shower, got dressed and went to work.  My heart just wasn't there.  Luckily, the co-workers I'm close to/chat with throughout the day were very supportive and consoling.  They were all stunned I did not get the job and pretty appalled.  It felt good to know I wasn't feeling duped for no reason at all.

While I keep feeling like I've "wasted" the past 5 years being a lit coach, I know in my heart these years were not wasted.  I've loved my job... loved my coworkers and loved the freedom and flexibility this job has given me.  The first 2 years I was part time... half days.  This was so nice to spend with Porter while he was tiny.  And even when I went to full days when I was halfway through my pregnancy with Hudson, I still have had Fridays off.  I have SO SO cherished my Fridays with the boys.   These are usually our days to go do something fun together, run errands and get lunch.  If nothing at all, these past few years have been SO worth my Fridays.

However, it is time.  It is time I had my own classroom and my heart is heavy and sad knowing that this fall I won't be opening my own room at my school.  I still don't know what direction I'll be heading in come September, but I will be doing a lot of searching, job hunting and thinking over the summer.  We have also been talking about relocating and I've been browsing (and printing off) jobs in NC.  It would be nice to be closer to my mom... closer to the beach.... and in nicer weather.  (Although I'm pretty sure the summers would kiiilllll me... the rest of the year being nice would make up for it).  I am not sure if I will (or ever will) have enough guts to really pack up and move out of state but who knows... maybe I'll be offered a job and we'll find arrangements for our home (because nothing is selling here in MI so I wouldn't be too hopeful our house would sell) and we'll pack up and head out.  Who knows. Publish Post

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