Thursday, June 23, 2011

Lime Green?

Okay so I love this charteruse/lime green color.... what do you think... is this bike uber dorky?  It is $244 in stores... but $199 online (with free shipping to home!)

OTherwise... I found this bike for $129:

Or this one for $149:

Although... after testing out the pink and the "sagey-teal" green (it is more of a minty teal green in stores...), I am not sure I like the style of the pink Schwinn... the handle bars felt kind of awkward.  I almost preferred the "hybrid" style bike... which I think the lime green schwinn is more of a hybrid rather than cruiser.  Hmm.   Decisions decisions!


  1. I love the first one and like the second one a lot. The last one kind of reminds me of Mrs. Gulch from the Wizard of Oz!