Tuesday, June 28, 2011

my day in under 140c

  • this morning started way too early.  9 am and the day was already 2 hours old.
  • MY BIKE IS HERE MY BIKE IS HERE! The boys are excited too. Porter screams "That is WICKED!" Bah hahah!~
  • Holy Lime Green!!
  • oh my holy bike assembly. ugh. love the bike... its kind of big though. didn't realize 700c (in the item title) meant bigger (aka road) tires. its a little tall, but it fits. and its pretty!
  • laundry laundry laundry.... good thing hulu has a few episodes of Real Housewives to watch.
  • oma took the boys to see cars 2 (hudson's b-day present from her).  a couple kid free hours for me.  what am i doing? cleaning this house.  it is a sty!!
  • today is the twinnies birthday.  happy birthday sweet girls! i can't believe it has been a year already since their amazing entrance to the world. congrats jane and adam... you survived the first year!!! :) 

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