Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Oh boy... I know, I know.  I'm slightly crazy.  Probably insane if you were being really honest.  But yes, we got PET RATS!  Oh my gosh they are SO DARN cute and entertaining.  It all started a few weeks ago....

One of the hermit crabs died and Porter was heartbroken.  So we headed to the petstore to get another hermit crab and I realized it was silly to spend almost $10 on a hermit crab.   They don't DO anything.  Ours were literally buried in the sand 24/7.  

Then the rats caught my eye. 

Back in highschool I remember seeing a rat at the petstore... it looked kind of mangy (now after researching rats a bit I think it was a rex) but it was so friendly and playful.  I wanted to get it but my mom would never ever agree to getting a pet rat.  So, I got a guinea pig.  His name was Moose and he was so cute.  This was after a handful of hamsters I'd had (and newts and fish and cockatiels....  I loved animals!). 

I realized... HEY!  *I* am the mom now!  We can get rats if we want!  So I started browsing Craigslist and checking out cage prices and researching rats as pets.  There were a few near misses in acquiring some pet rats but none worked out.  I was undecided on males or females (males being larger, calmer and cuddlier but having, ahem, big balls... females being smaller, more playful but more active).  Ideally I thought I'd love to have a neutered male but wasn't about to spend $80 on neutering a RAT! 

Well, my patience and research paid off.  I found someone on CL that had 2 month old baby rats to rehome... 7 females.  They were cute in the pictures.  When I called her she mentioned she also had 2 neutered males the same age.  SCORE!   To top it off... she was giving us a small cage with them. 

So yesterday we went to Lansing to pick up our babies.  We got 2 females and 1 neutered male.  The cage her son gave us (she wasn't home and turns out the son gave us a hamster cage instead of the decent sized rat cage) was a bit small for the 3 rats so we went to 3 petstores to check out cage prices.  Preuss Pets had a great one for $100.  Ick.  Pet Supplies Plus had some great ferret cages on clearance but the bar spacing was too far apart for rats.  PetSmart was our jackpot.  We scored a great sized cage with 2 levels for..... wait for it.... $8.97!  Less than $10 for a $50 cage!  YAY!  

By the way, have you EVER tried to photograph rats?  Baby rats, at that... that are active and scurrying around?  Oh my.  I put them on the ironing board by a window and was able to get just a handful in focus.   Cricket (aptly named because she scurries and hops around!) decided to leap the 3 feet from the ironing board to the chair!


  1. You are much braver than me! I would never dare...but, dare I say, they are kinda cute? :)

  2. They are SO cute, I LOVE their names, and the last picture of Cricket jumping off the ironing board cracks me up!

  3. hilarious! love the names. i'm thinking a cat will never be part of the family then? :)

  4. Lol on Jenny's comment above. I have a fear of rats. You are a brave woman. I love hamsters though. I do have to admit those little rats are kinda cute.

  5. I'd say downright nuts. That being said, they are cute! Crazy lady!

  6. My daughter has been begging me to get a rat for over a year. But we have 2 cats, so I just don't think it would work! Yours are ridiculously cute. Love the pics and love the names. Have fun! :)