Saturday, July 16, 2011

Chore Charts

I finally decided on a chore/job method for around this house.  I wrote about this before.... wanting my kids to have responsibility around the house and to "work" as a part of this household (thus, learning to do things out of desire to help/commitment to family and home) but also have the experience of earning, saving and spending money as well.  I decided on a weekly job chart with a set amount of chores they MUST do as well as some additional chores that they can earn money for.  

Their "Must Do" chores:
Pick up toys
Brush teeth
Make Bed
Feed rats (Porter)
Clean Room
Take care of dirty laundry

Their "Allowance" Chores:
(Per age- Porter has 5 and Hudson has 3)
Set and clear table
empty dishwasher/put away dishes
feed dogs
put away laundry 
Porter also wanted to be the "Trash Boy" and added Empty Garbage to his list as well.  

Hudson (which we're not being too strict on him doing these just yet, but he is helping us while we do them)
Empty Garbage
Sort silverware

Porter especially is so excited about his jobs.  We just started this yesterday (although P has been doing many of his same jobs this week and last... I just didn't get a chart made until yesterday).   He loves vacuuming, emptying the garbage and putting away the dishes.   

To make my charts I created the little labels (added icons and text) and created the grid on a landscape sized paper.  I printed two grids for each kiddo, combined them together on a 12x12 piece of scrapbook paper.   I was thinking of putting the downloadable/printable grid and labels in my Etsy shop for those who want to make their own but not do the work of making labels/grids.  Would anyone be interested?