Thursday, January 5, 2012

Setting Goals for 2012

First I'd like to reflect on my "goals" for last year... remember, my completely selfish list?  Let's see how I did on things...
  • READING:   Well, I completed uhm.... 4 books this year?  Not as many as I'd hoped, but still better than years past.  
  • BEDTIME: I did really really well on this goal for the first half of the year or so (well... at least until summer....) and once I got pregnant I was wiped out so that pretty much set my bedtime for me so I'd say this went pretty well.  Not as many 1am bedtimes this past year as I had in the past.  
  • TRIPS:    I made it to the cottage in the spring and fall, the beach in April, and a week camping with family around Labor Day (not Whiskey Creek-atuckey but Mackinaw was just as wonderful!).  I did not, however, get to Chicago with the family, continue the Supper Club camping trip (something tells me this was pretty much a one-hit wonder), and the Mother/Daughter weekend didn't happen this year either. :(
  • EXERCISE: I wanted to train for a 5k.  Didn't happen.  Not even close.  I did, however, do pretty good in the beginning of the year doing Zumba, and even picked back up once I got pregnant but haven't kept up with it (and now my hips are too achy and pop out of place too easily!)  
  • MONTHLY DATE NIGHTS:  We did not set aside specific date days for the boys, but we do have pretty frequent times where we take the boys (one on one) for little trips... even if its just running errands or to lunch etc... we tried this past year to split them up and each get some quality time with them one on one.  
  • HOME RENO PROJECTS:  Oh boy.  Well the main floor bathroom looks strikingly similar, our laundry room is still in the basement (though we have new front loading washer and dryer), and my office is not renovated.  However... we DID put up privacy fence and did some room shuffling.  The guest room turned into the baby's room.  My office turned into the guest room (we're now officially a 5-bedroom home), and we moved my office/scrapbook space into the other half of the basement/family room that was pretty much dead space/play area.  I feel like our home is being utilized so much better now!
  • SEWING:  Uhmmm... I have not touched that quilt I started awhile back.  Oh well.  Someday.  I did sew up a few purses and some gift projects but that's about it.  
  • BLURB BOOKS:   Didn't really get around to these either.  I did make vacay books from Spring Break this year (NC) but no blog books.  
  • UGGS:  Got those!  
  • CHURCH:  I have done pretty well with church.  6 years of on-again-off-again attendance is a hard habit to break, though I'll forever call Westwinds home no matter how long my absence may be.  I got back into the groove really well the first half of the year but then summer was chaotic and we were out of town a lot so I kind of was hit or miss there.  The past few months I've been doing great and have really absorbed some valuable lessons. 
WHEW!  SO that's just last year.  This year.... these are the things I'd like to focus on... FOCUS ON being the key word.  I'm not setting myself up with a PASS/FAIL list of goals.  
  • Read 1 book a month.  I'm hoping this general timeline will help keep me on track?  First up to finish this month is I Don't Know How She Does It.  I started it but have not finished.  February I want to finish Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close.  I'd also like to read the Twilight series this year and the Hunger Games Trilogy. 
  • Strengthen my ties with Church. 
  • Continue Project Life and set aside 1 day a month to designate SOLELY to scrapbooking.  
  • Be more intentional with my money and time
  • Meditate daily.  Continue Peaceful Piggy mediation with the boys.  
  • Acknowledge the things in my life I'm thankful for more often.
  • Expand my horizons and build a variety of friendships
  • Have family pictures taken this fall
  • A few vacations:  Camp at least twice and go to the UP this summer with family.

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