Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is never a real big deal around here... I usually put up a few decorations (though this year didn't bother venturing into the attic to get them out... kids didn't seem to notice), and we (err usually I) get the kids a few treat/goodies.  Ryan and I don't usually "do" Valentine's Day.  Overrated :)

This year was nice, and seemed extra special.  Luckily I had picked up a few goodies for the boys because I didn't even think about V-Day until the night before.  They each got a $1-spot box of chocolates (Disney Cars) and a Matchbox Car.   $4 total spent... and they were both screaming "This is the BEST Valentine's Day EVERRRRRR!"  HAHA!

I managed to rummage up a red shirt that fit and actually had some cute red shoes that matched perfectly.  I felt kinda  pretty yesterday (albeit, large and uncomfortable).  The boys... well.... I hadn't washed reds in awhile so Porter ended up picking out an orange shirt.  Oh well.

The boys and I (well mostly me..) had made these red velvet whoopie heart cookies and I put a few in some baggies for Porter's teacher, the parapro in his room, the secretary and principal.  His invitations?  Printed off Pinterest and a pencil stuck in them.  So easy.

At school the kids were wired.  Its so funny how exciting school parties get them!  Our school does parties WAY better than Porter's school (though I totally understand keeping it low key).  Our room moms and volunteers put together 5 or 6 centers and kids get a variety of games, coloring activities, projects, snacks etc throughout the party.  So fun!  Porter's school literally has a snack and look through valentines.  Super simple.

Ryan was home from work, and he and Hudson surprised me at work by stopping in at lunch with roses.  Orange tropical looking roses.  So pretty (and I am so not a flower-lover...).  They ate lunch with me and then went home to take naps.  After lunch I just had one group of students to see and then left to go to Porter's V-Day Party.  I love seeing him interact with the kids in his class and he sits next to this little girl, Taylor, and she is so darn cute and hilarious.

By the evening I was worn out, and grumpy.  Bleh.  We had spaghetti for dinner and the kids had meltdowns and went to bed.  :)

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