Friday, March 16, 2012

{30 Days of 30} Day 2: Your Favorite Movie

Your Favorite Movie

I very rarely remember movies as "favorites"... I like movies but once I see them they rarely stick in my mind.  I also hardly ever watch movies twice.   Even though I may see a movie and just LOVE it, I don't often think to watch it again.  

I really can't think of a movie I call "my favorite", but off the top of my head I remembered loving these two.  

The Blind Side made me teary.  It made me want to adopt a poor, inner-city teen and change their life.  Such an awesome story. 

Salt was a movie I had not even heard of but Ryan rented it.  The movie had an awesome twist at the end and I really enjoyed it! 


  1. Love the Blind Side. One of the few movies I have watched twice! Watched it with Ally!!!!! Such a great movie for her to see!!!!