Tuesday, March 27, 2012

T minus 5 weeks!

Holy hell. I have 5 weeks left until baby girl is here! I'm kind of starting to freak out! If i go by the boys' arrivals that would be 3 weeks left That is not a lot of time! (though with my luck this girl is going to be a 42 weeker hahahha!)

I mean, I'm not nervous about delivery or adding another child to our house, but I'm feeling anxious that I'm running out of time to get my ducks in a row before she is here. Obviously life will go on and I have 2 other kids who will still need their regular schedule, but once she is here I really want to be able to focus primarily on her and our family while I'm home. I don't want to have to worry or stress about loose ends I need I tie up. I want to sit home with Hudson and Sis and just enjoy them. They are only little for such a short amount of time.

I just finished my grad class Sunday night. Good lord I've never been so relieved to turn in my final assignment (which was a freakin 15 page case study on an ELL student. Ugh). I skipped one assignment and turned two others in late, so I'm not expecting to get more than a C, which is fine with me. Third trimester was not a great time to do a class (ok, neither would any other time as I have pretty much been useless this entire pregnancy).

I also just finished my first e-book on the Kindle app on my iPhone. I read The Giver.... In one day!!! I started reading a bit of it last night and finished up this evening. I feel accomplished! I am glad I tried the kindle app as I think I'll be more apt to use that than actual paper books. Especially since I will have it with me anywhere and will have more access to the "book".

My next "must do" is to get my bookwork up to date for photography and get everything into my accountant so he can file or taxes. Pretty sure we will be doing an extension. I hate tax time... This is when I wish I didn't have a conscious and was doing business "illegally/under table". uhhh.

Well I'm off to bed. Must get some rest tonight!