Friday, April 27, 2012

Firsts this week

Miss Amelia is 5 days old and has had a few firsts already.

  • First Doctor's Appt:  When we were discharged on Monday her biliruben levels were borderline so we had an appt. the next day to have her bili levels checked.  She weighed in at 6.2 and her levels were fine.  We go back on Tuesday for her "1 Week" appt.

    Yes, I had to get her all prettied up with a headband for her doctor's appointment.  I'm ridiculous, I know. I've waited a long time to have a little girl to dress up :) 

  • First Bath:  Ry and I gave her a bath Wednesday and she did really well.  She didn't cry at all, though grunted and groaned a few times.  Then, just as we got her wrapped up in her towel all fresh and clean she pooped in it.  Nice!  So that's what her smirk was the entire time we thought she was enjoying her bath HAH!

  • Lost her cord:  This morning I went to change her diaper in her room and thought there was a huge booger on her dresser.  It was her cord... must have fallen off last night or something.  Kind of makes me sad (silly, I know) that slowly she is getting older.  I know, I know... babies grow and get older.  It happens.  I just don't want it to!