Monday, April 16, 2012

Hospital Bag?

Shouldn't I be prepared this 3rd time around?  HAH!  I am at a loss as to what to pack in a bag for the hospital.   Obviously, my no-brainers are:  Camera, Charger, CF Cards, Video Camera..... and..... uhm..   hahaha!

The hospital (at least when I had Hudson) provided most of the "essentials" while you're there... diapers, wipes, formula, pads, etc etc.   So, I know not to pack all those things.

Help me out... what were some "must haves" you packed for the hospital when you delivered?


  1. ponytail holders, chapstick, socks, a big brother toy for Hudson and Porter, going home outfit for you and her, toothbrush, makeup??

    I'm sure there's more I'm missing...
    It's getting close!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. the stuff to make YOU feel better afterwards. like good shampoo/makeup/lotion/essentials/comfy + cute outfit. yes, the big brother gift too. i think you probably did that with porter when hudson arrived, but tucker still remembers the books he got when levi was born. :)

    oh, and maybe a few GOOD snacks. hospital food always sucks. haha!

    oooh! exciting!

  3. Slippers. Comfy pants and robe/hoodie. Snacks are a good idea. Chap stick is a must.

  4. Headphones or earbuds for music on your iPhone, your own soft pillowcase (or pillow, even better), big comfy undies, journal (just in case you feel up to it), no-brainer book that you can put down every 5 seconds, heating pad or Thermacare pads.