Friday, May 18, 2012

piles and piles and piles and piles

I hate piles.  I hate the piles that accumulate and appear out of nowhere when the house was just clean the day before.  Where does this stuff come from?   

I like my house clean.  And tidy.  And uncluttered.  I hate clutter.  Yes, I know I have small children and a newborn at home... but I still try my darnedest to keep my house looking nice and organized.  Some days I feel SO accomplished and proud... I get so much done.  Other days... not so much.   Today, after lunch, I realized that today was the latter.  Lots of piles.  (and... instead of cleaning them.... I take pictures of them and label them and blog them.  Yeah.   That's probably part of my problem....)

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  1. this just made me feel so much better about my life. thank you. :)