Monday, June 11, 2012

Music That Makes You Feel Good

In the past 6 months or so I've become so sick of the music on our "popular" radio stations.  My kids were  (ahem... still are) singing "I'm $exy and I know it..." constantly, and Rihanna's "$ & M" song is just a little too lewd for my kids ears.  I'm getting old.  I know.  I'm criticizing radio!  HAHA!  I started listening to 106.9 Home.FM... "Music That Makes You Feel Good."  Aka... the local Christian Radio Station.   I've found that #1, the music is appropriate for my kids' ears ALL the time, and #2, I feel like it gives me little reminders throughout the day (car trips) of my relationship with God.  And I love the music... most of it.  Sure there is the occasional "way to gospel-y" song but I'd rather than than the occasional song filled with $ex language for my kids to hear and repeat.

I've found myself using SoundHound app on my phone to find out a song's name and then downloading it from iTunes on my phone.  I've accumulated quite a few favorites!  Here are some that I have on repeat quite often while listening to iTunes:

Light Up The Sky- The Afters
Slow Your Breath Down- Future of Forestry
How He Loves- David Crowder Band
Never Alone- Jim Brickman/Lady Antebellum
Bigger Than Us- Lennon Sloane
Hold Us Together- Matt Maher
Hurricane- Samestate
Restless- Switchfoot
Lay Em Down- Needtobreathe
Something Beautiful- Needtobreathe

Let me throw this out to you, readers. (Are there any readers?  Huh?  I'm having comment withdrawals, peeps!)  What kind of music do you listen to in the car?  Is it different what you listen to when you're alone than when kids are in tow?  I'm curious!  

Well you know my answers, of course.  We used to listen to a lot of kid music- Trout Fishing in America (thanks Morrison's!) was one of our favorites, but then we got sick of it and listened to the radio.  We also went through a huuuuge Jack Johnson phase after spring break last year (we only had one cd in the van on the way down to NC- Jack Johnson... and once we got back we got a few more cd's and spent the rest of the spring/summer with JJ playing).

However... Ryan is totally opposite of me.  He listens to Q106 Rock.  Rock and Roll music.... some is okay, some is just guitars and screeching and yelling and just... ick.  Music that makes you feel.... tense.  Anyhow, Porter LOVES Q106.  Quite often I find him fast asleep at night listening to heavy rock and roll on the radio, not the cd or Home.FM station that I turned on when I put him to bed.  He loves his rock and roll.  I'm sure to have some fun teenage years with him and music... haha!


  1. When in the car with the kids I listen to kids songs or Christian music. If it is just me, I listen to Christian or Country. :)

  2. my kids are always asking for uncle rock right now (kids music). they love 'bigfoot' and 'too many presents' specifically. it's kind of grating after awhile but i can handle it. we also love elizabeth mitchell which is very chill and even tom likes - i feel like it calms the kids down ('you are my little bird' rarely gets taken out of our CD player in the car).

    we also listen to a lot of older music - from the 50s, 60s, 70s. yes it doesn't always have the best themes, but i find that it's at the very least a lot more tame. max's class just got done doing a set of buddy holly songs for his concert, so we've been playing him in the car lately. we listen to dion's 'runaround sue', the foundations 'build me up buttercup', neil diamond's 'sweet caroline', chuck berry's 'johnny b goode'... etc... the kids LOVE those.

    sometimes we will play whatever's on top 20 satellite in the car - i remember we always listened to it growing up (like, madonna for example), and i think i turned out okay, although i can remember being a little bit embarrassed when listening w/parents when i got older and realized what some of the songs were about. :) my FAVORITE song when i was max's age was tina turner's 'what's love got to do with it!' haha! my parents still listen to top 20 on 20 - they definitely know themselves some rihanna, katy perry, etc. :) but usually the kids will ask for something else, or they're watching a movie on a long trip, or we're just talking. so i don't think they hear too much of it.

    and tom likes the same kind of music as ryan - ugh! not a fan.

  3. I'm still here and reading :)

    I'm a mean Mom and listen to what I want to in the car, plus all the music Ashley would want to listen to is crap music. I listen to classic rock, nothing better than that (or at least to me).

  4. I used to make my own cds to listen to in the car from my iTunes list...but, in the last couple of years, I have been driving with no music at all. It's easier for me to drive in silence, I guess.

  5. When it's just me 90's on 9 satellite...but much of the time I have to switch to country b/c of the content if the kids are with me. :)

  6. I cant live without my satellite radio but I spend a lot of time in the car by myself. I can't stand the regular radio! When my kids are in the car we usually listen to country. Or cofee house which is an acoustic station.

  7. 88.1 SmileFM is also a good station. It is out of Lansing and it has more recent Christian songs. Also we LOVE KLove (96.7 I think) which is out of Toledo so you can only get it near Brooklyn, Ann Arbor, Toledo areas. You can stream it online though!

    If your husband likes Q106, maybe try and introduce him to Skillet. They are a Rock Christian band - and wonderful! :) If you want any other suggestions on bands, let me know! (My favorite is Toby Mac!)

  8. Are we living the same life? I have recently started to listening to K-LOVE a lot for the very same reason (my boys singing song lyrics that don't sound good coming out of 5 & 3 year olds). And like you, all my husband listens to is rock & metal. Gavin already begs me, "Mommmm! Put on a Rock N' Roll song!" So when I'm home it's kind songs of Christian songs. :)

  9. That's funny Denise! Yes sometimes I think we are living the same life hahaha!