Sunday, June 10, 2012

New Recruit

Yesterday Porter asked if he could change Amelia's diaper.  He was fully confident and told me he didn't need my help because he w=has watched me do it.  Eyes like a shutter, mind like a lens I tell ya! I let him have a go at changing her diaper and he did great!  I woke up this morning to Porter attempting to change Amelia's diaper in my bed.  Well, he can change a diaper and feed her.... sounds like he's ready to pick up the night shift once or twice a week HAHA!

Speaking of the night shift... I've been doing it 100% since she was born.   Now, part of my love of bottle feeding is that I don't have to be relied on 100% to feed the baby.  However, this time around I really haven't minded getting up with her.  I'm soaking up ever second I can spend with her. She's growing so fast.

Friday night, however, I asked Ryan to take over during the night as I had a session first thing in the morning.  The next afternoon he went to take a nap with the boys.  On his way upstairs he stopped and said to me "Now I know why you're so tired all the time...."   AHhhhh.  :)

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