Friday, July 6, 2012


Well around here I guess it doesn't matter much what day it is anymore.  The days tend to run into each other.

The temps this past week have been SO miserable.  It's been in the mid 90's/low 100's.  WAY too hot for me.  I can't take it.  Not to mention we have not had any rain in.... I don't know how long.  Our grass is brown and crispy.  Yesterday we did get a "flash downpour" for about half an hour.  It poured hard... it hailed a little bit.  I urged the boys to go out and play in the rain to cool off.  They were hesitant (go figure... they'll bust out the hose and mud in a second but rain... "I'm scaaared!") but did go out a little bit.  It cooled the evening off into the mid 70's but it was humid.  Can't win for losing!

It has been so hard to keep our 2nd floor cooled down (where all 4 of our bedrooms are).  We rarely have to use the a/c in the summer, but lately it has been on 24/7.  I finally suggested we turn off the a/c upstairs and have a campout in the basement (thanks Heather for the idea!!).  Amelia and I slept in the guest room (I've totally become a co-sleeping mama with her.  What. the. hell.) while Ry and the boys crashed on the sectional sofa.  We still had to have some fans running though for air circulation.  I can't wait for the heat to break!!

This morning we met Stephanie and her boys at the Chelsea Treehouse.  It was so hot out that even being inside the Treehouse was sweaty and miserable.  We had butt sweat from just sitting and chatting while the boys (red faced and sweaty) ran and played.  We managed to stay about 3 hours and wore the kids out.

This picture cracks me up.... Porter dressed himself and for some reason this combo is something he puts together often (orange striped polo with plaid shorts).  I was cracking up when I noticed him playing with this boy at the Treehouse... they obviously have the same sense of style!  

Tonight Ry took Porter to the Tigers game.  I'm so glad they're getting to spend some one on one time together.  He plans to take Hudson later this summer (though I'm not sure he'll end up enjoying it much).  I feel like I get plenty of quality time with the kids both together and separately, but Ryan doesn't have that opportunity as often.  Porter was SO excited to go.  A few weeks ago or so I had picked up Tigers t-shirts for the boys at the store for Ryan to give to them on their "date night" with Daddy to the Tigers game.  He was so excited about it!

 Hudson, Amelia and I headed to Target to pick up a few things and spent the evening trying to stay cool at home.  Its 11pm and Hudson is still up (watching Toy Story with me for the 2nd time) and we're waiting for Daddy and Porter to get home.