Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The silence is golden

I had a session this evening so Ry took the boys to Awanas and headed over to his dads with Amelia to watch one of his shows.  I'm taking advantage of the kid-free silence and attempting to hammer away at some client correspondence and galleries.  I'm swamped!  Not complaining at all... but whew!  I have so so so many ideas swirling through my head to revamp my business but the time-consuming factor is daunting.  I'm also very nervous about launching my new, simplified pricing/product list.  I'm all about simplifying.... that's my One Little Word this year.  And simplify I will.  I'm also hoping to follow in the footsteps of some photographers I really look up to and make some changes in procedures for my business.   This will add hours onto my workflow, but I'm hoping the financial exchange for this will be worth it, and in the short term future possibly allow me to hire someone part time to work with me to take over some tasks that I don't necessarily need to do myself.  The thought of growing my business is so exciting, but so terrifying!

I'm finding it so hard for me to keep up with this blog.... to write daily--- or every other day at least-- and to document the everyday, the mundane, the small things.  I just can't seem to carve out time for it.  Which means I have my priorities in other places.  I've been using FB quite a bit and I think I need to scale back and use my blog for those one liners instead.  Since I've been neglecting the daily little updates, that leaves me here, writing a post of bullets.  Our life lately has been:

  • Last week Ryan was really sick.  Achy sick... sore throat... tired.   From Saturday (2 Saturdays ago) until about a week ago, he was down for the count.  It made for a long weekend for me.... One thing that I dislike about being home ALL day is that once Ry is home, and on the weekend, I'm dying for a break.  Anyhow--- back to his sickness.  He went to the doctor last Monday and then finally heard back from them last Thursday that he had Strep C- which is a pretty uncommon form of Strep.  I swear he is the sickest guy I know.  Always something...
  • I've been terrible at holiday decorating this year.  We JUST got the Halloween stuff out yesterday- and will be packing up next week.  Oh well... at least its out for a week, right?
  • This evening we took the boys to a local resale shop and they picked out their costumes.  Porter has been insistant on being Ironman.  Last week i asked him to make a list of 5 costumes he would want to be and if I found one for sale/cheap I'd know he'd be happy with it.  He brings me his list:   1. Ironman 2. Ironman 3. Ironman 4. Ironman 5. Ironman.    Safe to say he really wanted to be Ironman!  Well, we got to the resale place and he found a policeman costume that had a GUN!!!  And he was sold.  Bonus that they had the same suit in Hudson's size as well.  It's really cute- and very well made.  They'll be super cute for sure!
  • This year I'm attempting to be more involved at the boys' schools.  I figure if I'm home, even though I'm still caring for Amelia and "attempting" to work on photography stuff, I should try to squeeze in some volunteering.  I signed up for the PTO and went to the first meeting tonight.  I'm excited to get to know some of the moms and to be more active at the schools.  I know the boys will enjoy it- Porter is already asking me what I'll be helping with at his school.
  • My mom is coming into town tomorrow, which means the next week will fly by for sure.  We have a jam packed weekend, too.... Porter has a Halloween Party on Saturday, then in the evening we have my grandma's 70th b-day, Sunday we're celebrating my grandma's b-day with the kids (no kids Sat night), and then a Halloween/Fall Fun Night with some friends- including a hay ride!  I'm super excited... it's going to be a great weekend!

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