Tuesday, November 20, 2012

But everyone else is doing it....

I'm afraid this is just the beginning.  You know, the peer pressure and whining and begging for things "because so and so" has it.  The beginning of the school year brought on the debate of "Why do I have to sit with a carseat harness... I'm the ONLY kid in 1st grade who has to buckle up with a carseat!  EVERYONE else gets to ride in a booster seat!"  Well, sorry buddy.... we aren't "everyone else" and you will continue to ride in the safest way possible in my car (after all, I am the driver and you know what your dad says about my driving....).

And then every year it never fails... we begin to toss around ideas for the boys' Christmas gifts and while it seems like such a simple task, it always ends in a debate over family values (is that the term??) and peer pressure.   Not a substantial amount, but it does make me question our gift choices and what would make most sense for our kids/family.

Last year we failed miserably at sticking to some of our "gift" traditions  (check it here and here).  Our moment of weakness was a trip to Toys R Us on my birthday to kill some time before a movie.  We found some cars the boys would LOVE and we had to have them.  Ugh.  Those same cars... are rarely played with.  Bleh.

I also had debated back and forth whether or not to give Porter my old iPhone 3 for Christmas to use as an iPod Touch.  I felt like it was such a huge gift for a 5 year old. Would he be responsible enough (likely not).  Would that set us up for getting him bigger and better gifts each year?  What do you do to top an iPod Touch?   Well, luckily my old iPhone turned out to be faulty and basically useless, so that kind of made up our minds for us.  No big technology gift that year.

This year, however, the iPod Touch debate came up again.  Now, my kids don't have many electronics... we have a Wii.  They use it occasionally.  They really aren't "tech junkies" and are more rough and tumble and play outside in the dirt kids.  They've never really ASKED for any type of electronics aside from an "iPhone" (ha!  sorry... no dice there boys).   However, they have SO SO many toys- legos, matchbox cars, trio blocks, Duplo blocks, play kitchen, cars, cars, cars.... that I mostly was leaning towards a big electronic gift for them to avoid buying more toys.  Porter's Christmas list this year is ridiculous.  Guns, bow and arrow, iPod, Xbox.... the works.   I'm sorry.  This just screams 10/12 year old to me.  He is 6!!  He's going to be bummed, that's for sure, but we have been really analyzing our family values and what "feels right" for us to give them.  We've finally decided on Nintendo DS's.  Even this seems big to me... especially for Hudson because truthfully at 4.5 he is not responsible enough to care for an electronic like this.  However, I know getting Porter one would only turn into fights over sharing.  Luckily, I found someone who was selling two Nintendo DSs for a great price and we will be giving those to them.  (thank goodness they're still at ages they don't care if something is used or not.  It is only a matter of time).  

So, again, we have put off the inevitable iPod gift.... I'm thinking when we upgrade our iPhone 4's we'll pass them onto the boys (as gifts).  It just just so difficult for me to view these electronics as "kids toys" even though in the year 2012 they very much are.  Watching tv at my grandmas today I saw 2 different commercials for kids toys that required an iPad and an iPod Touch to use.   Crazy stuff.

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  1. I REALLY struggle with this. REALLY. All of my kids' cousins have DSes and sit in booster seats. They all play Mario Brothers for hours per day. And I just don't want my kids to grow up doing that. I want them playing pretend and I want them outside. They don't need to watch adult movies and do adult things when they are five. But they wonder why already and I'm sure it will get worse. Why can so and so do this? Hard. Being a parent is hard.