Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Just Saying. Bloggy shout out!

A friend of mine (well, actually a friend of Jane's, who became my client and in time someone I call my friend!) has picked back up on blogging.  She's a fabulous writer.  Much deeper thoughts that I have had as of late (what is up with that?!?  I swear I feel like all I do is reiterate the events in our life... which is great to document but man, I so want to dig deep!!).

Anyhow... check out Kristin's blog.... Just Saying.   (and here is her page on Facebook!) You'll love it, I'm positive!

1 comment:

  1. Nicole! Thank you sooooo much! And don't you dare sell yourself short. Your ability to say it like you feel it is WHY we are friends! Honesty is so unbelievably refreshing. The admission that your children aren't perfect? Inspiring. And your beautiful pictures? Just plain jealous.