Wednesday, November 14, 2012

RIP Cricket and Atticus

Around spring break time I noticed Cricket had a mammary tumor.  It wasn't very big and she was acting normal, so I left it.  Fast forward 6 months and the tumor is so large she is almost unable to reacher her feet to the ground.  I decided to take her in to ahve her put to sleep.

I prepared the boys ahead of time that Cricket was probably not coming home with me, that she was going to have to be put to sleep so she can go to Heaven and she would be healed again.  Porter got quiet through snack time and was a bit mopey.  I hope he wont' take it too hard.

I took Atticus with me, because he has been listless, breathing heavily, lost weight and his fur was soo dull.  

The vet said that even though they were only a year and a half, rats ages are in "months....24 months is equivalent to an 80 year old.  So at a year old they're around 40 years in human age.  Makes more sense.   Crickets tumor could be removed, but would be $3-400 and he said that sometimes the tumors begin to grow back as soon as the sutures are healed.   Atticus had a bacterial infection that affects rats the way TB affects humans.  Basically, he'd never 'get over' being sick.   It was a respiratory issue and he said he could be put on antibiotics for 3 weeks but likely would need multiple courses of antibiotics. So, I opted to have Atticus put to sleep as well.

Oddly, I felt really sad about it.  They're RATS for petes sake, but they're living creatures with personalities and have been a part of our family.  

Unfortunately it cost friggin $125 to have them put to sleep!  That was after declining to have them cremated at $20 each!  So, I have two dead rats in a cat carrier in the dining room waiting for the boys to get home from school to say goodbye and have a proper burial.  My grandma cracks me up.... said "D-Con would have been a lot cheaper, Nic.... why do you have to love animals so much?" Yeah.... I know.....

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