Thursday, December 27, 2012

Kitty Litter

Aubri and Addi are here today, and let me just say- I'm not sure I'm cut out for 5 kids. I love that they're close in age and play well together but OMG the mess. The chaos. The noise. The MESS. I'm literally following kids around cleaning up mess. It's everywhere.

And the trouble. Addi and Hudson went to the basement to play after lunch. Aubri and Porter followed to call them up for rest time. Not long after I hear laughter and screaming and "OH MY GOD!"-ing. I go downstairs and Porter and Aubri are wide eyed and yelling "THEY PEED AND POOPED IN THE KITTY LITTER!"

Folks. I kid you not. My kid pooped in the kitty litter. And my niece peed in it. What. The. Hell. Rest time is a necessity today. The bigs are on the couch reading their own chapter books. The middles are upstairs probably conspiring how to get out of rest time and Amelia is wandering the playroom looking for small choking hazards.

 Me? I need a margarita.

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