Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Wishful Thinking

Hudson: "Mom.  Babies can't talk.  They can't even point at toys that boys would like for Christmas."

Me: "What do you mean?" (this was just out of the blue that he said this.  I was feeding Amelia.)

Hudson:  "Why couldn't sissy pick out the dodge I wanted for Christmas?"

Backstory:  The kids each pick out a gift for each other for Christmas.  Obviously I picked out the gifts that Amelia got the boys.  She got Hudson two Disney Cars puzzles.  He was being a sneaky little booger and opened the side of his present from Amelia and wasn't too happy because they were "baby puzzles".   All he really wanted for Christmas this year was a Dodge Ram pickup truck from Cabela's.  Apparently he was a little upset that Amelia "picked out" these puzzles for him!

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