Sunday, August 25, 2013

Amelia Jane | 16 months

Loves the cat and bunny. "Lala and YeeYee"

Climbs everything

Literally can not be left unattended for more than a minute

Has fallen down the stairs 3 times (8mo, 11mo and 15mo).  I'm pretty sure she's made of rubber as all she's ever suffered was a slight fracture on her arm during her last fall... which we didn't even find out she had until a week later. 

Has a temper.  Whoooeeee.... This girl knows what she wants.  Taurus through and through.

Can say:
Thank you
Ella (lala) 
Lilly (YeeYee)
Grandma (gomma)
Uh oh
Bye bye
Horsey (hor-hee)
Bock a bye

Signs "more" when she is hungry, and uses the same sign for please.  

Loves her "teetee" and mine mine.  She's definitely the most addicted to the sucky out of the 3 kiddos.  I let her.  She's my baby.  When she's tired she will climb the stairs to her room and reach through her crib slats and pull out her mine mine and sucky.  I've found her many times plugged with her teetee and mine mine tucked beside her neck just walking around.  

Does a lot of squealing and screeching.  This age is painful on the ears.  She reminds me of a seagull.

Understands so much and follows directions.  Will sit when I ask her to sit so we can put her shoes on.  Will throw her diaper in the trash.  

She loves playing outside.  Loves the water

She loves to mimic me.  She has watched me create many signs this summer and will find used up 
sandpaper discs and act like she's sanding pieces of wood.  She tries to help paint so I let her get messy one day with an old piece of scrap wood. So so fun.
Speaking of mimic.  She makes this "yuckkkkkkk" sound where you roll the k really long- it's hilarous.  When she sees something gross or gets messy or has a poopy diaper she makes that sound.  It cracks me up!  I notice I do it a lot.  

She's a mamas girl.  As much as it annoys me sometimes when I just want a break, I so love it.  She's my girl.  I love her to pieces.  

She loves babies and loves hugging and kissing her baby dolls.  She always points out babies when she sees them on packaging or in books or magazines etc.

She loves to rock her baby dolls.  

Loves baby Einstein.  In the morning we have been giving her a cup of cereal and a banana and her cup of milk and she will come out to the Livingroom, back herself up to the bean bag chair and say "sit.  Sit.  Sit." and wait for us to turn on an Einstein.  Her favorite is baby McDonald.  

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