Sunday, September 22, 2013

One moment

There are many moments throughout the day start to nag away at my patience, my thoughts and my views.  There are many moments I dwell on that don't deserve my time- moments that don't define my children, yet I start to let them draw the outlines of them and fill them in.  These moments start to sink me... I begin to focus on the negative.  I begin to feel helpless, lost.  

And then there are these single moments that bring everything into perspective.  They erase the lines of negativity and fill up my heart with the true character that encompasses my child.   This was one of these moments.... I found Porter in his room, sitting quietly, patiently (this child, it seems, rarely is quiet or still), waiting for Cooper to finish eating his breakfast. See,  Cooper can be a picky eater, and there are times Duncan kicks him aside and takes his food.  Porter took it upon himself to bring Coop up to his room, with his food, and feed him there as he looked on.  This boy, oh my heart, this boy is so loving, and kind, and compassionate and caring.  He is so many wonderful things.  I choose to remember these.  

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