Sunday, October 20, 2013

Leprechauns in the Bible?

Hudson made this cute little dude at church this morning.   I asked him to tell me the story about him... who is it?  Why did they make these guys today?

He says... "He has leprechaun.  Jesus healed him."

HAHAHA!  Ry says "Poor guy... he's short and angry."

I always wonder exactly how the kids are interpreting things they learn.  You know that each and every one of them is forming some silly view of bible stories in some way or another.  Just the thought of Hudson thinking about the story of the man with leprosy is a man with leprechaun?  HAHA!  To be inside his head would be hilarious.  

And this... this is just a cute cat Hudson drew in the nursery with me. Adorbs.  

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