Sunday, November 3, 2013

Day 3 | I am thankful for Westwinds and Worship

I've written the starting sentence to this blog post about 4 times now... deleting each one.  I'm not sure what to say or how to say how much Westwinds means to me, and how thankful I am to have a church I can call home, that I don't feel judged, that I can learn and relate its preaching to my life.  I seriously have had mini panic attacks thinking... "Oh my gosh... what we don't give enough offerings to church and they have to shut down and there is no more Westwinds??"  I know, kind of silly but.... I really don't think I'll ever find another church like it. 

Every Sunday without a doubt I walk away from church with something that has touched me in some way or another.   It may be something Pastor McDonald said, or a verse from the bible, or a quote from a song we sang.  Nevertheless, I have something to hold onto that has changed me and will continue to change me little by little.  I'll never be perfect.  I'm forever flawed, but I know that with what I take away from church I can always be trying to change and do things right in God's eyes, and try to become the best person I can be.  

I have been known to take notes during church, write down things and later InstaQuote them so I can put them in my Project Life album and look back on these quotes/sayings.  Here are a few of my favorites recently:

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  1. I love that you have a church that you love! I grew up going on my own for the social part but never really felt like I NEEDED it so badly until I was an adult. This world is just so scary, it is nice to have a refuge to try and make sense of it all. Miss you friend! :)