Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas Break Chaos

Here is why it takes me forever to get out of the friggin house.

We planned to go to a movie today- last week of Christmas break and we've gotta do SOMETHING!

I had already taken a shower last night so all I needed to do was curl my hair and put some makeup on, get myself and the kids dressed.   Shouldn't take too long, right?

It took me an hour and a half to do those simple things.  Why, you ask?

Well, in that hour and a half the following things happened:

-Amelia and Hudson managed to break a snow globe (they are now outlawed in our house... Santa tried bringing snowglobes for Hudson, and nutcrackers for Porter- to create a collection- and every single one of Hudsons has broke.  Every. Single. One.  No more glass snowglobes in our house!)

-Amelia dumped chalk all over the kitchen and dining room.

-Hudson unraveled a roll of ribbon, and continued to pester Porter by unraveling it while Porter was trying to roll it back up.

-I asked Hudson 5 different times to put shoes on.

-Amelia took her socks off two separate times, launching a search for her pink socks.   The 2nd time I put them on, I went to get her shoes and not even a minute later I return with her shoes to find one sock off and the other on its way off.

-I stepped on earrings that Amelia threw all over the floor. OUCH.

Ugh.  I swear.   The simplest things take forever!

Once we finally got out the door we headed to Target to pick up candy for the movies and a few other things we needed.  Then... off to Frozen!  What a cute movie!  Amelia was pretty good in the movie.  She was excited for about the first half of the movie as long as I kept her supplied with popcorn, fruit snacks and animal crackers.   Then she got restless and tried wandering around- leading to me losing her once in the movie theater.  By the last 20 minutes of the movie she was getting tired so she ended up on my lap, zoned out watching the movie.   It was such a fun outing for us.  Not sure I'll attempt taking Amelia that often until she's a little older, but she did a great job.

After the movie we went to Fazolis.  Hudson said he wanted a big ol meatball sub. Uhm... okay.   I nixed that and got us all pasta (well, Porter wanted pizza).   Of course Amelia and Hudson didn't eat a thing and I swear I was up out of my seat grabbing thrown forks or breadstick pieces or napkins or drink refills more than I actually got to sit down and enjoy my food.  Food was delish and I realized I don't think I've brought the boys to Fazolis in a long time... I don't think either could remember having been there.   They're pretty darn cheap, yummy FAST food and ooooh their breadsticks! Yummo!

Movies and lunch with the 3 crazies wiped me out, and we headed home after that.  I, stupidly, decided to give the boys an option of resting for an hour or helping me clean for an hour.  They chose to clean, which was great... but I was grumpy and tired and their whining about drove me nuts.  Porter helped clean Lilly's cage, Hudson emptied the dishwasher and put the clean dishes away, and Porter folded a basket of laundry.  SCORE!   Then.... let me pile on the torture... I thought "Oh, how about I teach them the new game we got for Christmas!"  So we got out Quirikle and lasted a few rounds before I decided to call it quits, let them play the xbox while I caught up on some work.

I'm determined to make the best of this week... hoping to take the kids ice skating and possibly to Bronner's this week!

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