Thursday, December 12, 2013

Disney Day 1: Magic Kingdom

While planning this trip I read up a lot on touring plans and tried to have a plan in place for our "must have" rides. Unfortunately, once we got into Magic Kingdom, I totally forgot you could only get one FastPass at a time and stupidly grabbed it for Under the Sea instead of the planned Peter Pan. So, I was flustered and frustrated and everyone else was all "wtf are we rushing all around for"… ugh. Well, Peter Pan already had a 40 minute wait (we didn't get to the park right at rope drop… first mistake. We got there around 10am) so we decided to go ride some things in Fantasy Land.

We rode the Teacups (less than 10 min wait!), Dumbo (10 min wait!), and the the boys, Ry and I rode Barnstormer (10 min wait). I took pics of Hudson's face and it was hilarious! We met up at the splash pad and ate a quick lunch, then headed to the Little Mermaid ride. It was really cute! Afterward, we rode the Haunted Mansion (20min wait max), then went and picked up a FastPass for Thunder Mountain Railroad. Ry, my mom and the boys went to wait for Splash Mountain so Amelia and I walked around a bit and scoped out the crowds.

I made it back in time to take some pics of them coming down the hill on Splash Mountain. Hudson wasn't too scared of it but I guess Porter was crying the whole ride. We got to meet Woody and Jessie after Splash Mountain. We decided to walk around and ride Pirates of the Caribbean (10 min wait!) and then went back to Thunder Mountain Railroad. The plan was for Ry, the boys and I to ride but Porter refused… he was scared after Splash Mountain and was tired and cranky. So he stayed back with my mom and Amelia. Hudson LOVED Thunder Mountain. He was cracking up! We had 2 Fast Passes left so Ry took him on it a 2nd time. I am floored that Hudson is our brave boy, riding all the roller coasters! I would have guessed the exact opposite!

We decided to ride the Disney train around the outside of the park and get off at the main gate. I checked the Wait Times App on my phone and it looked like the TomorrowLand Speedway had a short wait so we decided to head there before leaving. On our way we caught a little show at the castle- the princesses dancing with the princes. So cute. Porter was HILARIOUS on the speedway. He was in heaven. The boys loved it. We got on the Teacups one last time before leaving, as Amelia LOVED spinning. 

 The kids lasted until 5pm. I was so surprised! And even though I felt like the crowds were heavy (I'm sure in reality it was actually a really low crowd day!), we really lucked out on getting on so many rides so fast! I think for our first Magic Kingdom Day we covered a lot of ground!

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