Friday, December 13, 2013

Disney Day 2: Hollywood Studios

We learned from our Day 1 mistakes and got to Hollywood Studios early. They open at 9 but I'd read they often let people in as early as 8:15. We were 2nd in line but unfortunately they didn't let us in until 8:45. Our plan of attack was Toy Story first…. grab a fast pass and then ride it while the line was short. Apparently that's the only way to get a chance to ride is to go first thing. Uhm, can I say for real?? Oh my word, the mad dash through the streets of Hollywood Studios was hilarious! Everyone was walking as fast as they could, or jogging, and cast members were telling people to stop running. I felt like we were on a mad dash for a million dollars cash, or Black Friday or something! We made it to Toy Story and there was a line forming already. We grabbed a fast pass and hopped in line. We didn't wait long- maybe 10 minutes. The ride was GREAT! One of our favorites for sure. We got back on with the Fast Pass since our timeframe was only until 10am.

 After Toy Story we got on the Behind the Scenes set- that was pretty neat. Porter, again, was scared by the semi catching fire and the rain storm. Then we went to meet Lightning McQueen and Mater. YAY!  We watched the Muppets 3D and played in the Honey I Shrunk The Kids play area. The boys got their faces painted, then mom, Ry and the boys rode the Star Tours. We went on the Swiss Family Treehouse and then Ryan and Porter watched the Indiana Jones show. Ry rode Tower of Terror while we browsed the shops for a bit. We decided to call it a day and head back for rests.

 My mom decided to keep Amelia home so that Ry and I could spend an evening with the boys at Hollywood Studios. We had another set of Fast Passes for Toy Story, and we wanted to see Fantasmic and the Osborne Spectacle of Lights. The Osborne Lights.. OH MY WORD Amazing!!! All the lights, the fake snow, the music… it was magical! Fantasmic was also a great show, too! 

 Day 2 was a success!

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