Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Traveling to Disney

I'm happy to say, our day of traveling went quite smooth! Despite Hudson's anxieties before the trip (he was waking up at night worried about the plane dropping, or saying he doesn't know how to ride a plane, or worrying about how we will get on the plane), and the fact that we had 3 kids and 3 carseats to haul through the airport, we did so with our sanity in tact! We have a luggage cart thingy on wheels (its only meant for like one large suitcase I'm sure) and we loaded 2 carseats stacked on that, and bungeed it on. I hooked Porters high-back booster on the stroller (that Amelia was sitting in) and Porter wheeled Ryan's carry on. YAY! We were on a larger plane--- 2 aisles. We had the 3 middle seats and one seat on each side. Hmm. Well, we decided to put all 3 kids in the middle (Amelia in the center of the 2 boys) and after breaking a sweat getting the carseats installed, we were all set to go.

Shortly after take off I ended up swapping seats with Porter so that I could sit by Amelia and pick up everything she kept throwing down. She was fussy and irritable the last hour of the trip. BOO. She didn't want her drink, or a snack, or her tee-tee and mine mine. She was zoo tired and just couldn't sleep. Porter chatty chatted with the lady he was sitting next to (Mr. Social), and they played hangman (proud mom moment when he chose the words Bud Light for her to guess…).

At the Orlando airport we ended up getting a large luggage cart and the guy took our stuff out to the rental van. Our condo is awesome--- about 1200sf, 2 bedrooms. Lots of room and SUPER close to Disney!

We had reservations at T-Rex Cafe for dinner, so we headed to Downtown Disney for the evening. Dinner was delicious… great atmosphere and great food. Uh, and at a huge price. $150 for the 6 of us. Ouch! Oh well, we don't do Disney often.

After dinner I met up with Lindsay Moreno, one of the co-founders of The Lemon Drop Lounge. We've known each other online for close to 10 years- we met at Scrapjazz years ago when we were both on the Blue Crew Design Team, and we've followed each others blogs throughout the years. It was so neat to finally meet her in person, and meet her hubby and adorable girls. We checked out a few shops, the kids played in the splash fountain and rode the carousel and then we headed home. We were all whooped!

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