Saturday, January 25, 2014

strange sound of silence

The boys had their first sleepover tonight.  They didn't have school today so I dropped them off at 2 this afternoon.  They're staying with friends of theirs who are brothers the same age as P and h.  Perfect situation for Hudson's first sleepover!

The house has been strangely quiet and unchaotic.  So this was what it was like when we just had porter.  What was so difficult about this parenting gig when it was just one toddler???  

Even though the quiet and the brief break from the boys had been nice... I miss them.  Before bed I peeked into their rooms.... Clothes in a pile, books on their bed from rest time this afternoon, Legos arranged on the night stand.  I missed the little boys who read those books and play with those Legos. I imagine this is what it is like once they move out.  Strangely quiet, yet they are still here in the things they left behind. 

It reminds me to slow down and cherish these days.  The words "someday you'll miss this" ring loud in my head.  Yes.  Yes I will.   Time is going by so fast. This is confirmed by the lovies they left behind... Hudson didn't take his mine mine or ChaChat his frog, and Porter didn't take blue blankie or his panda. It makes me realize... They're growing up.  They're slowly shedding their shell of childhood.  They're leaving behind remnants of their toddler years and blossoming into independent, brave boys.  

I guess I'll have to snuggle with Panda and mine mine tonight.  I bet they're missing those boys too.  


  1. Isn't it so crazy how quickly childhood goes when you're the Mom? I just signed up the twins for Kindergarten and it was so bittersweet. It went too fast. :(

    1. I know... it makes me so sad! I literally have anxiety thinking about them growing up and me not having little ones at home anymore. :(