Friday, February 7, 2014

pause, please!

I wish I could just hit a pause button on Amelia right now.  She is absolutely the cutest, sweetest, smartest, silliest little munchkin ever.  I think this is one of my most favorite ages.... I know many people dread the "Terrible Twos" or "Troublesome Threes" but oh my word... I LOVE from like, 18 months to 3 years old.  My favorite age EVER.

Amelia, like her big brothers, is a huge talker. I think I expected at least one of my younger kids to be a non-talker... but that hasn't been the case.  Amelia repeats everything... and I mean everything.   Her little voice is ohhhhh scrumptious.  Her newest thing is saying what the heck.  She says "What heck?!"  or "What heck?  Are you?"  (What the heck, where are you?)  Its adorable, let me tell you.

She is finally calling my mom Gamma, but still refers to her as Oma, too.  I think she does it to be silly.
She is a riot with the things she does... when she was littler, it was climbing into baskets.  Lately, she's been wearing the boys' winter hats and her boots all around.  At least once a day she finds a pair of her boots and wears them all day, and will grab whichever winter hat she can find of the boys', too.  Its so cute!

She's becoming SUPER sassy.  OH my.  Hudson took something from her the other day and she said "GIMME DAT!"  and snatched it away.  This morning I told her it was time for nap, so we needed to put away the crayons.  I started to help her put them away and she wouldn't give me the crayon.  So, while taking it away she yells "STOP IT!"  Oh, really?  HAHA!

She loves going outside, but its been so cold lately she hasn't been out to play much this winter.  Whenever someone leaves, she wants to put on her coat and go with them.

This girl loves to sing and dance.  First child ever.   I'm excited about this, as I think toddlers/preschoolers who sing and dance are super adorable- and hilarious.  She has a quirky little dance where she kind of juts one hip out, and does sort of a half gallop, hip shake.  It's pretty funny.  She loves to sing "Do you wanna build a snowman" from the Frozen soundtrack, and "I know you belong to me" from The Jerk.

She counts going up the stairs.... she loves when you count with her but if she's headed up alone, you'll hear her saying "Fiiiiive, Sevennnn, Eiiiight.... Fiiiive, Sevennnn, Eiiiiight...."  in this chipper, confident voice.  We laugh and say she's probably saying in her head "Ok... I know there are other numbers but this sounds pretty good... Fiiiive, Sevennnn, Eiiiiight..."

She may be tiny but oh is she bossy.  When the dogs come inside they usually barrel through the kitchen.  She knows the drill and bolts towards teh wall or a piece of furniture and ducks.  When we tell them to go into the mudroom she shouts behind us "Muh-room!  Muh-Room!"

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